Red Wines

Glass 5oz / Big Glass 8oz / Bottle

House Red • FuZion
7 / 10 / 30

Shiraz / Malbec, Argentina
A medium nose exuding spicy, floral & fruity aromas expressing lively acidity & offering a broad texture & fleshy tannins.

Shooting Star Merlot
12 / 17/ 49

Merlot, California USA
this wine has aromas of black fruits and cherry with a slight earthniess & spices enhanced by a hint of oak from the wine barrels

Gabbiano Reserve Chianti
12 / 17 / 49

Sangiovese, Italy
Medium ruby red colour; aromas of red cherry, dried herbs, nuanced by vanilla notes; dry, medium-bodied, velvety tannins, displaying flavours of liquorice, spice & red cherries on the finish.

Dagueneau “Les Montees”
12 / 17 / 49

Pinot Noir, France
In the mouth, the pleasant first sensation makes way for more subtle intermingled aromas. Aromas of cherry, Morello cherry & blackcurrant mingle with roasted & lsightly spicy nuances.

Little Gem Winery: Classic Red Wine
11 / 15 / 40

Nobleford, Alberta
this classic red has a classic delicate tannins and a bright. you’ll get notes of violet flowers mingling with dark chocolate and leather, alongside dark cherry haskap berries.

Little Gem Winery: Rose
11 / 15 / 40

Nobleford, Alberta
This rose is well blanced with bright acidity. its blended with a touchof apple wine, creating hint of sweetness. there are aromas of among, passion fruit and strawberry.

Little Gem Winery: Haskap Cider on Tap
8oz glass 7.00

Nobleford, Alberta

Little Gem’s haskap cider blends apples with haskap berries, creating a beautiful bright pink colour and a naturally bittersweet, balanced flavour. Bubbly and refreshing. We have this on tap all year around, the cider is a perfect summer patio cider and in the cooler months we have Little Gems spiced haskap cider.

Please note our Corkage Fee of $20.00

White Wines

Glass 5oz / Big Glass 8oz / Bottle

“House White” FuZion
7 / 10 / 30

Chenin Blanc Torrontes, Argentina
Clear pale straw colour, soft peach & citrus aromas. This medium body dry blend of citrus & melon flavour with balanced acidity.

LaVis “Storie di Vite”
8 / 13 / 35

Pinot Grigio, Italy
Clean,bright straw-yellow colour & a strong, persistent aroma of ripe pear. The flavour is dry, fresh & firmly structured with beautiful notes of ripe fruits & honey.

Seebrich Kabinett
10 / 15 / 45

Riesling, Germany
A classic and wonderful expression of Riesling from the Rheingau. Fresh & floral on the nose, clean & zesty on the palate. Lots of green apple & citrus with a perfect balance of acidity to sweetness.

Kim Crawford
10 / 15 / 45

Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
This Marlborough white is a pale yellow-green colour with lively aromas of lime, stone fruits & herbs. Its bright complexity & crisp acidity combined with flavours of guava & grapefruit.

Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay 12/17/49

 Chardonnay, California

Crafted in small vineyard lots, whole cluster pressed to retain the fresh fruit qualities without the bitterness from stems & seeds. Fermented & aged in French & American oak barrels for richness, toastiness & complexity leaving a velvety texture & creamy flavor.

Beringer White Zinfandel
8 / 12 / 35

White Zinfandel, USA
Pale rose colour, strawberry & rhubarb aroma a touch of fruit sweetness in flavor, delicate, soft finish.

Lamarca Prosecco

200ml Individual Bottle 12.75
Prosecco, Italy Light & fruity bodied with soft spritz, pear & melon flavors followed by lime to finish.


200ml Individual Bottle 14.00
Prosecco, Italy Light & fruity bodied with soft spritz, pear & melon flavors followed by lime to finish, paired with orange juice.