DINE IN ONLY-All items include refillable pop, iced tea, or lemonade.  Single serving of milk, apple or orange juice is available for an extra charge.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 7.95

Egg dough bread & cheddar cheese. Choice of Cabana chips and ranch, soup, or carrot sticks and cucumber slices with ranch dip.

Mini-Naan Cheese Pizza 7.95

Naan bread, marinara sauce, and shredded cheddar/monterey.

Noodles & Marinara 7.95

Kids portion of Let’s Pasta fresh pasta topped with marinara sauce. Served with a garlic focaccia wedge. Sub marinara sauce for alfredo – 2.50

Chicken Fingers 7.95

Two breaded chicken tenders. Choice of Cabana chips & ranch, soup, or carrot sticks & cucumber slices with ranch dip. Extra chicken fingers – 2.65 ea