Cold Drinks

Free refills on fountain pop, ice tea or lemonade with purchase

Fountain Pop 4.25

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-UP, Club Soda, Ginger ale & Root Beer

Ice tea 4.25

Lemonade 4.25

Canned Pop 2.75

Pepsi, diet pepsi, and Brisk lemon iced tea

San Pellegrino 4.50

Sparkling Water

Organic Milk 4.75

Vital Greens Organic Skim or Whole

Juice 4.75

Apple, Cranberry, Orange or Pineapple

Blended Latte 5.95

Double shot of espresso, ice cream mix, topped with whipped cream. Add your favorite Monin flavor shot for 1.50

Iced Latte 5.50

Double shot of espresso over ice, topped with milk. Add your favorite Monin flavor shot for 1.50.


Alcohol-free mixed drinks for kids of all ages to enjoy!

Italian Soda 5.25

Club soda, your choice of Monin flavor shot & whipped cream

Monin Flavor Shots 1.50

Sparkling Peach Melba 5.25

Arnold Palmer 4.25

Shirley Temple 5.25

Cinderella 5.25

Roy Rogers 3.95

O’Douls 5.25

Hot Beverages

Coffee comes with free refills with a food purchase & one free refill without a food purchase

Blacksmith Coffee 3.25

Our Blacksmith Blend is exclusively blended & roasted for Mocha Cabana from our local supplier Cuppers Coffee

Columbian Decaf 3.25

Swiss Water processed decaffeinated

Espresso Single shot 2.00, Double shot 3.75

Freshly ground, regular or decaf espresso

Americano 3.75

Double espresso shot topped with hot water

Tea 3.25

Ask to see our tea menu complete with herbal & black teas

Hot Chocolates & Steamer

Hot Chocolate 4.75

Steamed milk topped with whipped cream & chocolate

Kids Hot Chocolate 3.50

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate 4.75

Steamer 4.75

Specialty Coffee

Latte 4.95

Double shot of espresso topped with steamed milk

Monin Flavor Shots

Vanilla, Caramel, Swiss Chocolate, Hazelnut, Maple Spice, White Chocolate, SF Vanilla, SF Caramel or SF White Chocolate

Cappuccino 4.95

Double shot of espresso topped with steamed milk & foam

Double shot of espresso topped with steamed chocolate milk & whipped cream

Specialty Tea

Canadian Fog 5.25

Steamed milk, orange pekoe tea & maple spice syrup

China Fog 5.25

London Fog 5.25

Steamed milk, earl grey tea & vanilla syrup

Chai Tea Latte 5.25

Chai tea & milk served either hot or over ice