Local Craft Beer & Other Favourites


Theoretically Brewing, Lethbridge

Lethbridge’s first nano-brewery: hand-bottled beers made from locally sourced ingredients.

Study Buddy Hefeweizen

Lethbridge, AB • Hefeweizen
5.7% ABV

Light and effervescent Hefeweizen featuring a yeast-forward profile with notes of coriander, banana, and clove. Mixes well with fruit juice.

341ml Bottle 7.25

Ionic Irish Style Ale

Lethbridge, AB • Red Ale – Irish
5.6% ABV

Malt forward and dark burgundy, this beer boasts flavours of chestnuts, biscuit, bread, and earthy, spicy hops.

341ml Bottle 7.25

Frequency Hopper English IPA

Lethbridge, AB • IPA – English
5.5% ABV • 75 IBU

Is an English Pale Ale that strikes a great balance between warm roasted malt flavours and tropical, bitter hops. Frequency Hopper offers a balanced flavour profile with notes of satsuma oranges/citrus balanced with the crispness of hops.

341ml Bottle 7.25

Curiosity Amber Ale

Lethbridge, AB • Lager – Dark
4.5% ABV

Is a bitter amber with personality. Brewed from an exquisite blend of malted barley and lightly hopped for a crisp citrus finish, this beer is an easy-drinking favourite.

341ml Bottle 7.25

Luminiferous Aether

Lethbridge, AB • Pale Ale – American
5% ABV

Is a blend between an English IPA and a British Bitter. Amber in colour, this beer balances a bright and floral hops profile against malt sweetness, and finishes dry.

341ml Bottle 7.25

BHB Stout

Lethbridge, AB • Stout – American
4.1% ABV

Beer so dark even light can’t escape. Coffee and chocolate blend perfectly with mildly spicy hops.

341ml Bottle 7.25

Coulee Brew, Lethbridge

Connecting our rich brewing past with our new love of craft beer, historic styles, re-imagined!

Red Coat Trail Amber Ale

Lethbridge, AB • Red Ale – American Amber
5.6% ABV • 34 IBU

Aromas of caramel and North American hop varieties make up the nose of this amber coloured ale. Flavours of rich dark fruits and hops interplay until a moderately dry toasty finish.

355ml Can 6.75

Hoodoo Hops

Lethbridge, AB • IPA – American
6.3% ABV • 65 IBU

Bright melon, tropical citrus, and stone fruit aromas and flavours ride on a backdrop of lighter caramel and honey malts making this IPA more approachable, setting it apart from other IPA’s.

355ml Can 6.95

Range Road

Lethbridge, AB • Cream Ale
4.7% ABV • 16 IBU

Light malty aromas and sweetness, derived from our own world famous Alberta 2-row barley followed along with wheat and golden naked oats give this beer a silky mouthfeel and soft finish.

355ml Can 6.75

Devil’s Coulee Kolsch

Lethbridge, AB • Kölsch
4.5% ABV • 22 IBU

Grainy aromas of Wheat and Barley from the heart of Alberta with just enough hop presence to balance things out. Light enough to be utterly refreshing yet with enough depth to satisfy the craft beer drinker in you.

355ml Can 6.75

Bears Hump Nut Brown Ale

Lethbridge, AB • Brown Ale – English
5.6% ABV • 22 IBU

Fruity, toasty and nutty aromatics with layer of caramel and light chocolate throughout. Ends with a moderately dry graham cracker finish. This classic style is the universal food pairing beer that goes well with everything from roasted meats to pizza.

355ml Can 6.75

House of Pilsner

Lethbridge, AB • Pilsner – German
5.2% ABV • 38 IBU

Taking the classic influences of the Pilsner style to heart, our Pilsner bridges old world nuance with new world craftsmanship. Showcasing both noble and new world hop varieties, we unite spicy, herbaceous and floral aromatics with lighter citrus.

355ml Can 6.75

Coalbanks Cold Press Coffee Porter

Lethbridge, AB • Porter – Other
5.5% ABV • 32 IBU

Fragrant aromas of Red Engine cold press coffee compliment subtle sweet notes of caramel and darker malts. A delicate yet creamy texture surprises the palate accompanied by smooth dark roast flavours and a hearty Porter backbone. This Porter bridges the gap of a great dilemma: is it too early for beer or too late for coffee?

473ml Can 8.50

Medicine Hat Brewing Company

Twin City Lager

Medicine Hat, AB • Lager – Pale
4.9% ABV • 16 IBU

The twin city lager name is a historic one, dating back to the original Medicine Hat Brewing Company. This beer is our version of a Pale European Lager. It is lightly hopped with no specialty malts, just good old Pale 2-row malted in Alix, Alberta. This special brew allows the Bohemian lager yeast that is used to showcase its true flavour.

355ml Can 7.25

Industrial Ave IPA

Medicine Hat, AB • IPA – American
6.7% ABV • 100 IBU

This IPA is made to satiate the self proclaimed hophead. There is copious amounts of American style hops used in the brew kettle and dry hop additions to assault the senses with citric aromas and flavours.

355ml Can 7.25

Burnside Blood Orange Ale

Medicine Hat, AB • Fruit Beer
4.5% ABV • 15 IBU

The Burnside Blood Orange uses our Hatfield Blonde as the base and then we add copious amounts of real blood orange puree. The end result is the perfect thirst quencher.

355ml Can 7.75

Tool Shed Brewing Company

We are honoured to partner with this local Calgary brewery that started out in Graham’s tool shed! Jeff & Graham, (co-owners of Tool Shed) embody the values that Jaclyn and Angel, (co-owners of Mocha), hold dear. At Tool Shed, they are independent entrepreneurs partnering with local farmers and producers to procure the ingredients to make their products, and to top it off, it is damn good beer!

Tool Shed People Skills

Calgary, AB • Cream Ale
5.2% ABV • 17 IBU

Our session-able cream ale is light, refreshing, and tries to get along with everybody. This smooth, lightly hopped ale offers beautiful mouthfeel and a golden, crystal clear appearance. It’s a real, refreshing crowd pleaser.

355ml Can 6.95

Tool Shed Red Rage

Calgary, AB • American Amber
5.6% ABV • 32 IBU

This beer is dark red, roasty like coffee, toasty like fresh bread and makes your mouth water for more. We put just enough hops in to remind you what they’re capable of. This ale is medium bodied and easy to drink.

355ml Can 6.95

Flat Cap Stout

Calgary, AB • Stout – American
5.5% ABV • 50 IBU

This stout is deeply roasty and rich with a surprising presence of hops and a beautiful, smooth, dry finish. If ever a stout were to rock a flat cap like Jamie did, this would be that beer!

355ml Can 6.95

Village Brewery, Calgary

A brewery that would support Calgary’s artists and craftspeople. A brewery that would create the excellent ales and lagers our friends and neighbours deserve. It takes a village to raise a beer. And a beer to raise a village.


Calgary, AB • Blonde Ale
4.5% ABV • 15 IBU

The beer has a crisp, dry palate, with a hint of—but not an overpowering sweetness—from the 2-row malt. There is a definite hop aroma and a positive bitterness to balance the malt flavours. As with all good ales, there will be a hint of fruity esters to round out the finish. The higher end gravity will result in a beer with medium body, good mouthfeel and the perception of a full strength beer.

341ml Bottle 7.75


Calgary, AB • Dark Ale
5.4% ABV • 33 IBU

Keep a sturdy grip on this hand-wrought ale. It is an alloy of premium 2-row Alberta barley, roasted to a black malt and infused with quantities of potent, bitter hops. Stalwart and bold, it will douse the coal-fired thirst, slake the spirit and clear the soot from the teeth.

341ml Bottle 7.25


Calgary, AB • Witbier
4.5% ABV • 13 IBU

White Wheat Ale. Despite its name, this is serious brew, unsuited to tawdry puns. It is a finely crafted, unfiltered wheat ale in the Belgian tradition, the colour of straw with a delicate white haze, crisp flavours accented with orange zest and coriander. It is a classic. So get into Wit.

341ml Bottle 7.25

Odds & Suds

A little bit of this and that from around our neighbourhood, and the world.

Big Rock Traditional Ale

Calgary, AB • Brown Ale – English
5% ABV • 20 IBU

A recipe gone untouched since Big Rock’s founding. Toasty malt and sweet caramel up front, finished with a nutty flavour, medium creamy carbonation and mild hop bitterness.

341ml Bottle 6.50

Blindman Blindman River Session Ale

Lacombe, AB • IPA – Session
4.4% ABV • 26 IBU

Blindman River Session Ale is our flagship beer, featuring an intense dry hop aroma and delicious hop taste with muted bitterness, it finishes dry and leaves us wanting another. It’s a beer we can hand to friends knowing they’ll dig it. It’s a style we keep coming back to, no matter where our tastes may wander.

473ml Can 9.50

Whistler Forager Gluten-Free Lager

Whistler, BC • Gluten-Free
5% ABV • 35 IBU

We’ve hunted and gathered an assortment of flavours to create this golden amber lager. With a grist of sorghum and rice, it’s hop-forward and full of character.

330ml  8.95

BC Tree Fruits Cider Broken Ladder

Kelowna, BC • Cider – Other
5.2% ABV

Broken Ladder recalls the roots of our proud apple-growing heritage, toasting the dedicated growers and pickers who reach for the finest apples from the highest rung. Here’s to them and a cider designed to raise the bar and please the palate.

473ml Can 9.85

Grupo Modelo Corona Extra

Mexico City, Distrito Federal • Lager – North American Adjunct
4.5% ABV • 19 IBU

Outside Mexico, Corona is often served with a wedge of citrus fruit – usually lime, occasionally lemon – inserted into the neck of the bottle. Within Mexico, especially in the south, Corona served with lime is not uncommon, but is not considered mandatory. Includes Coronita, Coronita Extra, Corona Mega and Corona Familiar. If you are having either a Michelada or a Corona–rita, please do not create a unique new beer since beer cocktails are not allowed.

341ml Bottle 7.00

Anheuser-Busch O’Doul’s Premium

St. Louis, MO • Lager – Non-Alcoholic

341ml Bottle 4.75