Mocha Local : Let us help you, prepare healthy meals fast.

Find out how we do it!

Step 1

Select the meal (recipe) you’d like to make

Step 2

Set up your delivery day

Step 3

We prepare a package of pre-measured ingredients

Step 4

We deliver all ingredients to your door

Step 5

You combine and prepare a fresh, convenient meal at home!

We love working with our talented staff to prepare delicious meals for our guests to enjoy. Our recipes are brought to life by local ingredients from farmers in our area. We would like to share this with you—so you can easily prepare farm-fresh meals at home.

The idea behind ‘LocalPlate’ was inspired by home delivery services available in other parts of Canada. We thought, what if we could craft recipes with our culinary team, and share the local ingredients we use with our community, so they could create nutritious and convenient meals at home?

We believe in supporting local producers, and would be thrilled to partner with them to create fresh, pre-measured packaged ingredients you could easily combine at home. We will even include herbs and spices if you’ll need them, so there will be no need to make a trip to the store for a missing ingredient. Everything will be there!

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